Uncomplicate Your Job Search

Free Digital Workshop | taught by Jenn Walker Wall

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It’s one thing to want a new job - and another to launch a strategic and successful job search.

Between stress, boredom, and burnout in your current role, feeling uncertain about how to move forward, and feeling unsure if your current resume and cover letter are working for you, looking for a new job is work that is fraught with challenges and obstacles that you’re trying to squeeze into an already busy life.

What if you had a clear path to help you take the next step in your career?

What if there was a way to curb the stress and overwhelm and take your job search to the next level, one step at a time?

The Uncomplicate Your Job Search Workshop is designed for ambitious professionals who are ready to make their next move - if they only knew what to do next.

Even if you’re job search efforts have been de-railed by unhappiness in your current job or if you have been thinking about a career change but you have no idea what that might look like, the Uncomplicate Your Job Search Workshop will walk you through a fool-proof career exploration and job search process to help you:

  • Reflect + assess on your work and experience + connect with your strengths, values, and areas of expertise

  • Create compelling resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles + learn how to identify jobs that will be a great fit

  • Strategize easy ways to engage and grow a network of engaged mentors + colleagues to help you navigate your career for years to come

  • Successfully manage the job search process, including how to stay organized, and assessing your progress, and revising your strategy along the way.

  • Take care of yourself (+ have a life!) while looking for your next position

Get ready to launch your job search with tactical steps to implement in the next phase of your career exploration and  job search process, an understanding of what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for, and tips for balancing your time + energy throughout the process.

Jenn Walker Wall
Jenn Walker Wall
Founder, Career Strategist + Workshop Facilitator

Jenn Walker Wall is the founder of Work Wonders Careers where she helps people land new jobs and thrive at work. She’s also a co-host of the Making Life Work Podcast. Previously, she worked at the Sloan School of Management at MIT as well as Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital and is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Sociology at Lesley University.

Jenn has helped hundreds of ambitious professionals identify their strengths and leverage their experience in order to pursue more meaningful work. Additionally, she helps leaders build skills and brands that help them successfully grow their careers and launch businesses of their own. Jenn is also committed to teaching career coaching and communication strategies to enhance teamwork and effectiveness in the workplace.


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by Irina Yakubovskaya